Managed Review - Clients

Document Review Projects

JuriStaff assists law firms and corporate legal departments when they need to staff large, document intensive projects: “document reviews.” JuriStaff recruiters work with clients to find the right combination of attorneys, non-barred JDs, paralegals and coding personnel for each project. With extensive experience staffing large projects, JuriStaff has the ability to anticipate and manage the many issues that arise in the recruitment and placement of document review candidates.

Document Review Rebates and Discounts

We understand that managing the cost of staffing is critical in any document review project. Therefore, JuriStaff provides its clients with various pricing options including volume rebates and discounts to manage costs more effectively.

Managing Project Turnover

JuriStaff recruiters understand that high turnover on document review projects represents a large expense. Recognizing the importance of this issue, we anticipate candidate issues and work closely with candidates to prevent any significant project turnover.

Credentials Matter

Candidates placed by JuriStaff are thoroughly screened using our 13-point checklist. This process includes the completion of reference checks and the confirmation of academic credentials, past work experience, and relevant licensures. Contact a JuriStaff Recruiter for an explanation of how our screening process works.

Temporary Attorneys Equal Increased Revenue, Savings and Flexibility

Increased Revenue: If your firm bills clients hourly and you are currently understaffed, you are most likely losing hourly billing that you will never recapture and work critical to your client may not be getting done. Temporary attorneys capture otherwise lost hourly billing and give you peace of mind that important client matters are not falling through the cracks.

Savings: If you oversee the budget of a corporate legal department, you understand the significant cost of using outside counsel. JuriStaff’s qualified temporary attorneys can perform many of the tasks you currently assign to outside counsel at a savings of 50% to 90% of outside counsel hourly rates.

Flexibility: If you cannot take on a large project with your current staff of attorneys or your firm or legal department just encountered a project that could divert the attention of your lawyers from other important matters it may be the time to explore the option of hiring temporary attorneys.

The JuriStaff Difference

Over a Decade of Service: With over a decade of service, JuriStaff is one of the industry leaders in temporary attorney placement services with an extensive network of candidates, contacts, and referral sources.

Our Recruiters: JuriStaff recruiters are trained in the recruitment and placement of both temporary and direct hire candidates. JuriStaff recruiters often fill temporary positions by utilizing both direct hire search skills (extensive networking, referrals, etc.), as well as temporary recruitment tools (job postings, job boards and our extensive database of existing candidates).

Candidate Screening: All JuriStaff temporary attorneys are thoroughly screened using our 13-point checklist. This process includes the completion of reference checks and the confirmation of academic credentials and licensures. We also verify past work history and run background checks.

Candidates are Employees of JuriStaff: All temporary candidates placed by JuriStaff are employees of JuriStaff, not employees of our client or independent contractors. As the employer, JuriStaff is responsible for all federal and state withholding taxes, as well as any unemployment or workers’ compensation claims that may be filed by a candidate. JuriStaff also provides malpractice (attorney) and error & omission insurance (non-attorney) to all temporary candidates. As the employer of record, JuriStaff also relieves its clients of the administrative burdens and potential tax and insurance liabilities that may arise through the retention of temporary employees or independent contractors.

Office Space and Other Resources

JuriStaff’s large professional network includes various real estate contacts so we are quickly able to provide our clients with project space. We work with clients to determine the type of workspace necessary, depending on the size, location, and duration of the project.

The resources we can provide include, but are not limited to: computers, phones, internet access, copiers, scanners and fax machines. We work with our clients to customize project space that will best accommodate specific project needs.